Tankerton Bay Sailing Club - Kent

Cadet Club - a ROARING success!

Well done to Ross, Charlie, Hannah and all the mums and dads!

This year’s inaugural cadet club has been a ROARING success. We've run it for 7 weeks from the middle of June into early August and over 20 of our cadets have taken to it likes ducks to water. Our aim of getting the clubs youngsters interested in sailing in a fun and enjoyable way with games both on and off the water has really hit the mark. So much so that even the cancellation of the first weekends Cadet Racing series due to Southern Waters local exploits couldn’t dampen their spirits - with dads Ed and Max arranging some impromptu games on the beach and in the club house. Nice work gents….

Its clear that these Saturday morning events will become a permanent fixture in our programme for many summer years to come, with many of the cadets hopefully becoming fully fledged members int their own right and taking the club from strength to strength.

For those who haven’t tried it this year – check out the cadet club photos to see what you’ve been missing and go onto our members page to sign up for 2022.

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