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A Guide to DutyMan Online Roster System

Duty Man is an online system for managing duty rosters.  It's used by dozens of sailing clubs throughout the UK and Tankerton Bay Sailing Club has been succesfully using it for nearly 10 years

DutyMan will show your allocated duties and allow a member to volunteer for other duties if you so wish; request changes for a duty and see who is interested in swapping duties.

The software will send out reminders to people about their duties before the event.  It is important to remember that each member is responsible for finding a replacement if they can't make their duty.

Logging In

You should have received an email from DutyMan with a login name and a password.  Follow the link to the Duty Roster [add link] and enter your login name and password.

If you have forgotten your login details or password, don't worry, go to the TBSC website - On the Water - DutyMan and click on the 'Click here for log in reminder' - enter your email address and it will be sent by email to you.

How do I tell when my duty is?

On the left hand side of the screen is a Duty Calendar; the months and dates of your duties are underlined in red so they are easy to spot.

Swapping Duties

Inevitably, there will be unforeseen circumstances when you will not be able to do your scheduled duty, it is your responsibility as a member to arrange a swap.

It is usually a good idea to try to arrange a swap well in advance of your duty because people make plans and are less likely to be available to swap in the week before. To request a swap login to DutyMan  and select the duty you would like to swap and follow the steps on the site to request swaps. Note that you will only be able to swap with duties of the same type, so Race officers will only be able to swap with other Race officer duties for example.

People who you request to swap with will receive an email asking if they are willing to swap their duty. If they confirm then your duties will be swapped. They will now get the reminders for the date that was previously your duty and you will get the reminders for the date that was previously their duty. This is the preferred way to swap a duty.

If you arrange to swap a duty another way, it is requested that you make the swap in DutyMan to make it official using the process.

In extreme cases you may need to swap at the last minute and be unable to find anyone willing to swap. In these circumstances it is still your responsibility to ensure that the duty is fulfilled, so you may need to try to find friends in the club who will stand in for you.

If you need further help, you can:   Email the Duty Manager for the day you can't attend in order that Races are not cancelled due to lack of people to cover a duty, or if you have a query with the operation of DutyMan you can contact a committee member

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