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1. Subscriptions

For members wishing to, and if the Honorary Treasurer agrees to such request, the Club now has an option to pay the subscriptions by Direct Debit over a four month period between November and February. For members taking this option their subscriptions are due by 28th February each year.

2. Abandoned Boats and/or Trailers 

If, at any time, any fees payable to the Club by any member, or former member (whether by way of arrears of subscriptions, or facilities fees, dinghy park fees, or otherwise) shall be one month, or more in arrears and a boat and/or trailer, the property of a member, or former member remains upon the Club premises, then the member, or former member shall remove the boat and/or trailer from the Club immediately. If the member or former member fails to remove the boat and/or trailer then the General Committee may:- 

a) Move the boat and/or trailer to any part of the Club premises without being liable for any loss or damage to the vessel, howsoever caused. 

b) Give three months notice in writing by registered post to the member or former member at his last known address as shown in the Club Membership list and thereafter sell the boat and/or trailer and deduct any monies due to the Club from the net proceeds of the sale before accounting for the balance (if any) to the member or former member. 

c) Alternatively, if the boat and/or trailer is unsaleable, after giving notice in writing as aforesaid, dispose of the boat and/or trailer in any manner the General Committee may think fit and deem the cost of doing and any arrears as aforesaid to be a debt owing to the Club by the member or former member.  

d) The Club reserves the right to charge storage for the boat and/or trailer until such time as the owner collects the boat and/or trailer or until notice has been served under Rule (b) above.


Proper evidence is available to show that all reasonable steps have been taken to trace a member or former member and that, when and if the boat and/or trailer is sold, if the Club is unable to account to the member or former member for the balance of the proceeds of sale pursuant to Rule (b) above then the balance of the proceeds of sale shall be placed upon bank deposit account and retained against the eventuality of a claim by the owner (whether he be the said member or former member or otherwise) for a period of six years.

In addition, the Club shall at all times have a lien over members’ or former members’ boats and/or trailers parked on the Club’s premises in respect of all monies due to the Club, whether in respect of arrears of facilities fees or subscriptions or otherwise and shall be entitled to retain possession of the boat and/or trailer until such time as all monies due to the Club have been paid in full.

3. Duties

a)  All Club members may be called upon from time to time to carry out duties associated with the running of the Clubhouse and Club races. Such duties may include rostered duties on the bar, support boat and race tower.

 b) It is the responsibility of a member to organise a replacement if they are unable to carry out their allocated duties, if this option fails then contact the committee member responsible for the activity or event involved in a timely manner.

c)  All members carrying out a duty are responsible for the setting up and clearing away of any equipment associated with the duty.

4. Cadet Members

Cadet Members (which includes family members under the age of 18), are now accepted from the age of 8.

PLEASE NOTE – Cadets are the responsibility of their parents or designated adult and should be supervised at all times whilst on Club Premises and whilst sailing. 

5. Social Members

The following types of social membership are now welcome at TBSC: - 

      Social Family/Couple - includes all children up to the age of 17 and full-time students aged 21 or under.

      Social Single – Aged 18 or over.

Costs are as given on the annual membership form.

IMPORTANT – Social members do not have a club key, so are only allowed access to the club house when sailing members are present. They also do NOT have voting rights.

6. Group Nominee Members

An individual nominated in his application for membership by a school, charity, youth or other group (the 'Nominating Group') to supervise any sailing or other use of the Club's facilities by the Nominating Group as may be authorised from time to time by the General Committee. 

7. Drinks

Only drinks purchased from the bar may be consumed on the premises. At the discretion of the Commodore at special events, drinks may be bought into the Club. 

8. Smoking 

Smoking is not allowed within the clubhouse, safety boat locker, the under balcony storage locker, or any club boats.

9. Photography

The unauthorised use of cameras, camera phones or other such devices is not permitted within the Club changing areas.

10. Clothing

Persons in wet clothing must use appropriate chairs. Wet clothing must not be left in the clubhouse overnight. If found it may be removed.

11. Boat Parking

Members are allocated parking areas on the beach or the bank during the sailing season and must store their boats securely in order to reduce the risk of damage or accidents during adverse weather or by vandalism. Due to the location of our boat parking and the risk that if a rig failed it could cause a mast to crash down onto the pedestrian walkway, where masts are left raised and have an existing rope part of the forestay, they MUST have an additional wire forestay strop fitted. Outside of sailing season dates (identified as between the Boat rigging and De-rigging dates), boats parked on the beach MUST be moved, either to the grass bank, or taken home. Boats left at the club over the close season must also have their mast lowered (and safely stowed) to eliminate the risk of injury or damage to others due to rig failure. 

12. Membership Applications  

In line with our Club Premises Certificate conditions, new members have to wait two days from the acceptance of their application before they receive any membership privilege.

TBSC by-laws


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